The A3 Manifesto

The following in our manifesto of why we are in business and our core values. If you are a Local Agent, Large Broker, an MGA, or a Carrier this will help you understand who we are and what we are about.

Our Core Values

Cultivating Relationship that Flourish



Problem Solving

Simplifying the Complex

Customer Centric

Multiplying Efficiencies and Profitability with Technology

Always Innovating

What is the Ultimate Reason Agency Multiplied (A3) is in business?

Agency Multiplied (A3) exists to solve the problems of Insurance Professionals through technology and automation so that relationships flourish.

What specifically does A3 do and for whom?

We create, implement, and service automation technology for Insurance Professionals.

What is the A3 eProducer Plugin?

The A3 eProducer is a cloud-based Plugin that lives on the websites of Local Agents and MGA’s to multiply the sales of commercial lines insurance around the clock and integrates with other Agency Software to multiply efficiencies (Agency Management System, Accounting, etc). A3 handles the full commercial lines lifecycle of lead generation, new business submissions, underwriting, policy issuance, policy amendments, cancellations, and reinstatements.

How does A3 go about doing what we do in a ways that differentiates us from our competitors?

We pursue relationships that flourish with Local Agents, Large Brokers, MGA’s, and Carriers in ways that reinforce the Agency Model and strive to identify the win-win in every situation.

We create and implement Innovative Solutions that multiply efficiencies and profitability so Local Agents, Large Brokers, MGA’s, and Carriers have more time at their disposal.

We look to bring as much integration as current technology allows so the workflows of Local Agents, Large Brokers, MGA’s and Carriers are increasingly simplified.

We are uniquely equipped to provide Local Agents with the Technology the “Big Guys” have so they can strengthen the local relationships the “Big Guys” will never have.

We believe great technology should be available to the little guys, which is why we offer our Standard Version Software Plugin to Local Agents for free.

We pursue relationships that flourish in the local communities we inhabit by investing corporate profits in supporting the fatherless.

Our overall business goal is contribute to the flourishing of relationships in each of the communities we touch and to grow a company that we all enjoy working in.

Our Promise

3 Minutes Could Multiply Your Agency’s Profitability by 30%

Learn How

What is “A3 for the Fatherless?”

We believe it is important to contribute to the flourishing of relationships in all of the communities we touch through investing a percentage of our corporate profits in addressing fatherlessness. We do this through investing in Big Brothers, Big Sisters and The Mentoring Project. We encourage all of our employees, local agents, large brokers, MGA’s, and Carriers to join us in giving and serving the under-served fatherless boys and girls in our respective communities.