Local Agents, Large Brokers, MGAs and Carriers alike are seeing the insurance landscape change with emerging technologies. The way business is sold, processed, and renewed is changing with new software. There will be winners and losers and Agencies are scrambling to be on the right side of that history. Insurance professionals intuitively know that adding dozens of new software solutions creates digital scar tissue and slows things down. Most are already using Agency Management Software, Accounting Software, Microsoft Software, Sales/Marketing Software, cyber security software, smart phone apps, and much more.

Welcome to the A3 Solution

Imagine quoting prospects after hours, on the weekend or on holidays without any additional staff. What if you could sell commercial surety bonds online through your website without ever touching them? Or the ability to manage Commercial, Surety and Fidelity products more efficiently with automated renewals, correspondence, or business processes.

Now you can. All this and more is now possible with the A3 Solution.

The A3 Solution offers a one-two punch for your Agency by way of new production and automated workflows.

The A3 eProducer Plugin

What if you’re website was turned into the highest selling producer at your agency? What if you converted your visitors into qualified leads who submitted applications that turned into purchases. All with little to no interaction with your staff. This is the A3 eProducer Plugin.

We provide you with your own automated application system that lives directly on YOUR website. It looks like it is your technology and can be customized with your branding; it solicits sales from your website’s visitors. Your static website is transformed from a business card to a sales team. You can now offer any product that you’re agency has an appointment for, and you don’t have to pay commission.

The A3 eProducer Plugin allows your agency to:

  • Solicit small commercial lines/surety insurance on your website
  • Secure online applications from prospects
  • Provide instant quotes on many policies
  • Have carriers quote products through your website
  • Allow the prospect to purchase the quotes
  • Have the policy bound, issued, and delivered right through your website
  • Transfer all the information into your agency management system
  • Report all the application, purchase, and documentation to the insuring carrier

The A3 Dashboard

The second service is the A3 Dashboard which give you complete control over commercial lines & surety in your Agency. You agency metrics, performance, policy maintenance, carrier relationships, underwriter communications, document management, and user management all happens on the A3 Dashboard. For the first time you can gain instant clarity on productivity, quoting, sales, and carrier support. Built in pre-configured visual metrics and reports give you instant clarity on your book of business.

Think of the A3 Dashboard as the “brains” of the software where the intense processing occurs. This service will allow you to configure your A3 eProducer Plugin for optimum success for your agency as well as service all the policies that you’ve sold  both through your plugin or otherwise. That’s right; you can renew, endorse, cancel, and reinstate any of your policies or accounts through this software. Best of all, it communicates directly with the carrier and your agency management system. So your data and activities are synced with your agency management system!

The A3 Dashboard allows your agency to:

  • Gain instant clarity on valuable performance metrics
  • Configure your A3 eProducer Plugin
  • Configure your carrier relationships/appointment and products offered
  • Customize a document library for your agency
  • Perform policy management with any policy issued through a subscribing carrier (endorse, cancel, reinstate, renew, etc)
  • Submit new policies (apply, quote, bind, execute, issue)

The future looks like More Markets. More Integration. More Margin.
This is Your Agency Multiplied.
What will you do with Margin?

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