As an MGA, your business model is built on small margins, appropriate fees, and large volume. Your agents, the relationships you’ve built are your livelihood and marginal serving is the last thing you need. In today’s competitive market you need to squeeze out any margin you can to ensure that you can get the deal done profitably.  The answer; Automation, Augmentation, and Accuracy or A3.

Similar to the Enterprise Subscription you have a fully customizable, black box, type of solution with complete control of your system. However, unique to the MGA Subscription you are now able to promote direct appointment programs through the A3 Marketplace to any agent using the system. With the MGA Subscription you’re able to promote your programs through hundreds of new agents, manage appointments, tax statements, production, and risk management all in a single solution.  You get absolute control of your programs and your clients with complete transparency and accurate reporting to track how your business is doing.

The MGA Subscription is both an automation and sales tool.  We have built a sales funnel for each of your agents websites where their customers receive your quotes. Moreover, we have create a marketplace which gives you a shot to quote business on any agent’s website that is using this system, whether they’re an appointed agent with your office or not. This is a gamer changer. This is Your Agency Multiplied.

Introducing the A3 Jet Pack. As part of the MGA subscription you’ll be assigned an a team of software & insurance experts to help coach you through the onboarding and continued success of the A3 Solution. Your team will coordinate with your management and sales staff to develop, track, and assist you in seeing Your Agency Multiplied.

Subscription Cost:  $35,000 Annual Subscription

Transaction Cost: 3.5% of Commercial Lines Gross Written Premium?
Compatibility: API custom integration ability included

Subscription Features

A3 Producer Plugin

Custom Dashboard

Sponsored Quotes

Direct Carriers

API Integrations

Document Library

Blackbox System

A3 Producer Plugin

Manage Commercial Lines more effectively with automated back-end processes and 24/7 sales made available through the A3 Producer Plugin. You can now directly quote, underwrite, bind, issue and record commercials lines policies around the clock on your way to unprecedented profitability. Plus, experience secure communication and document sharing between agents, brokers, and carriers.

Custom Dashboard

Imagine having a dashboard that tells you what you care about. Provides figures, reports, graphs and imagery that pertain to your workflows, responsibilities, and goals. Here each user will have the ability to customize their Dashboard with unique statistics, graphs, and reports that will provide you valuable information on your overall business. Gain instant clarity about what has been done, what needs to be done, and visual reports that make decision making a snap.

Sponsored Quotes

So what are sponsored carrier quotes? Sponsored carriers are one of the types of subscriptions models that participating insurance companies can secure and their quotes are highlighted for your review. We’ve partnered with some of the leading insurance companies to bring you the A3 Marketplace – quotes that are provided by Sponsoring Insurance Companies. The companies are committed to the industry and the next iteration of how we as insurance agents do business. These quotes are highlighted for you and your customers review and will always be included in the A3 Marketplace.

Direct Carriers

This is the biggest difference between the MGA Subscription and the Standard Subscriptions; the ability to add direct carrier relationships to your MGA within A3. You can create a direct carrier relationship to any carrier that participates within the A3 Solution (a Sponsored or Certified Carrier). If you don’t have an appointment with a participating carrier, you can reach out to them directly to work through the appointment process. Once appointed by the carrier, they can then create the relationship within A3 and you can quote/write business with them directly.

API Integrations

The A3 solutions majors in single-point-of-entry multipliers. The Professional and Enterprise Solutions offer a full suite of API (think bridges to connect software) to eliminate duplicate entry across your Agency. You’ll be amazed at the speed of policy processing now achievable with API’s. We’ll get them all synced up and you’ll never look back.

Proprietary Document Library

Our document library is pre-loaded with a hundreds of form letters, check lists, and other valuable documents for an agency and thousands of bond forms. The document library service is available at two levels; shared and proprietary. At the shared level new documents created by Standard and Professional subscribers are available to all other subscribing agencies. At the proprietary level available for Enterprise and MGA subscribers, all documents created remain proprietary to that agencies library. No sharing, editing, or viewing by other agencies is allowed. At either level, agencies can favorite, customize, and categorize their documents and forms for easier use and tracking purposes.

Complete Blackbox Solution

The blackbox idea means that this software service is completely locked down for your agency. It is completely customizable with your own configurations to be tailored exactly for your needs. The exclusive carrier relationships and the proprietary document library make this a custom solution for your agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to pay the $35,000?

The subscription fee is due at the time of acquisition of the professional grade subscription.

Can I add a fee or the transactions?

Yes, you can add multiple fees with separate names and they can be a flat amount or a percentage of the premium due. You can also have default fees or a single use fee when approving a product.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time but your annual subscription fee is considered fully earned at the time of purchase. At the time of cancellation you can export all of your information from the system. We don’t hold your information “hostage” as all the customer/policy information is owned by you.

Can I change my programs, rates, etc?

Yes, your programs, products, rates, and underwriting are all configurable and can be changed at any time. If you need to alter your underwriting, adjust your price, revise or update your forms, all of that is possible from your Dashboard.

Who is a good fit for this subscription level?

The MGA subscription is the Enterprise model but expanded to allow  your agency to provide their direct carrier programs and products to other Standard and Professional subscribers. The A3 Marketplace is made up of products provided exclusively from MGA subscribers. The ability to write business with all the subscribing agents within A3 is attractive to MGA’s looking to write with new agents.

What is the biggest difference between the MGA and Standard Subscriptions?

The standard subscription is an entry level subscription for our software service while the enterprise is the full suite of customization. The standard doesn’t allow the agency to fully customize or utilize their carrier relationships. The MGA subscription does exactly that, it allows maximization of carrier relationships and a fully customized solution.

How does the transaction fee work?

Yes, your programs, products, rates, and underwriting are all configurable and can be changed at any time. If you need to alter your underwriting, adjust your price, revise or update your forms, all of that is possible from your Dashboard.