Agency Multiplied is a commercial insurance software that allows relationships to flourish. This software is designed for 3 types of customers; Insured/Principal (the public), Agents, and Insurance Companies. Our aim is to bring these 3 parties together and enhance how they work together. Through new efficiencies (e.g. single entry), automation (scheduled quote follow up), and improve communication (think secure emails) we help you strengthen your Agency Relationships. 

While this solution is intended for commercial insurance in general, we are currently rolling out the Surety functionality. This service will allow transactional commercial surety, account, small contract, and large contract to be handled with efficiencies never experienced before. While we do expect to have some commercial lines (crime, cyber liability, and some general liability) available at launch, this will be widely a surety product solution at inception.

So How Does it All Work?

For an Agent to sell your product, you have to be a subscribing carrier within the system. We have two levels of subscriptions for insurance companies; Certified and Sponsored. Those subscriptions and the differences are outlined below.

Once you’ve become a subscribing carrier you are able to perform a number of functions within the service. You can appoint agencies, create products, and solicit business directly from subscribing agencies’ websites.  You can manage your agencies, measure productivity, applications, quotes, purchase times, and use the business intelligence reports to improve your overall sales & service and more.

Each subscribing agency benefits from two main components of the A3 Solution; the A3 e-Producer Plugin and the A3 Dashboard. The A3e-Producer Plugin is an application portal that lives on the agency’s website. Imagine having hundreds or thousands of portals where you can quote the agents customers as they visit their site for a quote. This revolutionary distribution tool brings the agent’s business right to your dashboard. The A3 Dashboard give you the carrier an administrative back-end enabling you to configure how the agents and insureds will interact with your products. You can create new products, create automated underwriting rules, notifications, documentation, and have a totally secure communication channel with your agents while you work on writing more business. 

Carrier Subscriptions: Certified & Sponsored

The core Carrier functionality for both services consists of the following services

  • A3 Single Entry Solution
  • Quoting on the A3 e-Producer Plugin
  • Automated workflows for quoting & purchases
  • Manual Review for non-automated underwriting risks
  • Document Library & Document Management
  • Ability to configure auto underwriting for policy types
  • Ability to enter SFAA rate information
    • IRPM or rate deviation information
    • Account filings
    • Complex Rate Tables
    • Hazard & Risk classifications
  • Ability to assign underwriting authority to agent
    • Single / Aggregate
    • Policy types
      • SFAA, State, specific LOB, NAICS, SIC
    • Override default rating or underwriting based on agent authority
    • POA issuance / tracking
    • Sub-agent authority / limitations
  • Claims tracking
    • Direct loss / expenses
  • Various security levels to control access and usage rights with audit tracking
  • Secure communication
    • Encrypted emails and document sets
    • Secure portal push / communication process
  • Use of Bond form library
  • Access to Policies (forecast of 4,200 bonds in the system at launch)
    • Ability to add new bond/policy types and configurations
    • Ability to configure underwriting for existing bond/policy types
  • Full policy management
    • New business (Policy issuance, Premium billing, Document generation, Business reporting, Credit evaluation / storage)
    • Endorsements
      • Premium bearing, Non-premium bearing, & Document generation
    • Renewal
      • Multiple term, Single term, & Non-renew
    • Accounting
      • Commission statements, Account reconciliation, AR / AP & Contingency

Certified Carrier Subscription

From managing policies and agency appoints to setting up custom underwriting configurations, the A3 Certified Carrier Solution brings your entire Agency relationship into one fully integrated system. What does this mean for your Company?

Single entry for your agents. Innovative service and added value to the partnerships. Less hassle, more quality control. A streamlined commercial lines engine that accomplishes everything you need and more.


There is no up front cost or annual subscription fee associated with the Certified Carrier Subscription. Cancel at anytime with no risk. Small transactional fees will apply for purchased policies. For a detailed breakdown schedule a demo today.

Sponsored Carrier Version

Currently sold out.

The Sponsored Carrier Subscription is a limited level subscription for an insurance carrier to gain access to the system and additional business intelligence from the system. There is an up front cost and ongoing annual subscription cost for this level. This version is meant for carriers to gain access to the software to manage policies, agents, and underwriting rules within the system in additional to higher level of information and lead generation through the A3 Marketplace.

The Sponsored Carrier will have all the core functionality as the Certified carrier with increased lead generation, business intelligence, ownership rights with export ability of the entire document/bond library and customizations for their specific needs.


There is an upfront cost and an annual subscription fee associated with Sponsored Carrier Subscription (SCS).Small transactional fees will apply for purchased policies. For a detailed breakdown schedule a demo today.

The SCS receives all of the core functionality as the Certified Carrier plus the following:

  • Increased lead generation/quotes through MGA appointments for quotes to non-appointed agents
  • Advanced configuration options for underwriting, document library management, and bond reporting
  • Ability to export from Bond Form Library (custom mapping configuration included)
  • Scrubbed back end data on all transactional and claims information
  • Advanced notice on enhancements and product releases
  • Seat on the Advisory Board
  • First right of refusal for SCS renewal